How to Make Over 100K as a Full Time CFI

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Mike Shiflett is the Director of Training at CFI Bootcamp and holds an ATP with a CE525 type rating and a Flight Instructor certificate. Mike has over 16,000 hours, most of which are in General Aviation airplanes. He started flying in 1984 in the San Francisco Bay Area and became a flight instructor in 1995 and the Chief Pilot of a 141 school in San Jose CA. He was appointed as a DPE, did all ratings, including Initial CFI, and conducted nearly 3000 practical tests over 11 years. Mike founded CFI Bootcamp in 2009 and has authored over ten books about aviation training. He is also known for his Podcast “Flight Training the way I see it!” and his weekly internet show “The Power Hour,” of which he has done over 120. He has also spoken at Sun-n-Fun and EAA Airventure on flight training topics. He currently lives in the South Beach area of Miami Beach and travels between the San Francisco Bay Area and Miami to teach monthly 7-day flight instructor courses and writes a lot.