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I grew up in an aviation heavy family with 4 flight attendant, and 3 pilot relatives all with different backgrounds. I started my own aviation career as a flight attendant at just 19 years old on the CRJ700. I loved it so much but something was lacking for me. I decided to start my pilot training with the goal of flying for the airlines like my father, only 9 months later I had finished up as a CFI MEI CFII. I first found Planesense through a fellow flight instructor and was quickly taken by the PC12. I couldn't have been more excited to start as a first officer in 2017. I loved the plane, the travel, and all the people I had met at the company. It turned out after my time at Planesense that the airline lifestyle just was not for me any more so after an 11-month stint at a regional, I was accepted back at Planesense and upgraded to captain on the PC12 in 2021. Since, I have moved into 2 office roles, our Flight Operations Center as an Operational Support Specialist, and my current role in Pilot Recruiting. I sometimes miss the free cookies at Signature Flight Support, or the opportunity to get away from the cold at home on a Palm Beach overnight but every day here whether it's flying or in the office makes me sure that if I have to work, I want to work at Planesense.