Pilot Shortage: Women are 50% of the Solution

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Sandrine Gressard, founder of Girls Go Fly and Success Instigators, started her entrepreneurial career when she founded JaSaBel Consulting Services, a company specializing in competitive intelligence, sales and customer service training courses. Her passion for aviation started when she was 5 years old (pretending to fly a float plane) and was re-ignited when she was 18 and got her paraglider's pilot license in Spain. At age 40, she became a glider pilot & owner. She then realized her ultimate dream when she bought her Stinson 108-2 to give tailwheel checkouts to women. She now works on changing the world one young woman at a time and thus Girls Go Fly was born. Girls Go Fly is dedicated to opening the imaginations of young women to the possibility of a career in aviation.