Touring by Kitfox and Camper - Intro and Photo's

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AvDoc 51 is a fully operational aviation and pilot-oriented medical clinic that focuses on the care and well-being of aviators and flight crews with all levels of experience and backgrounds. Established as a Squadron Flight-Line Clinic in support of the high-tempo and high-performance flight operations routinely conducted at Stallion 51, AvDoc 51 is located within the corporation's newest and most modern office building. Dr. Busch has accumulated over 5,000 flight hours and logged time in over 30 different types of military aircraft. He has over 1,000 hours in WWII-era vintage aircraft and hundreds of aircraft carrier landings. He is an Airline Transport Rated Pilot, a Certified Flight Instructor and Advanced Ground Instructor. Additionally, he is an Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association and is an FAA Designated Senior Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).