Flying Around the World can be Safe and Fun


CarolAnn Garratt was a manager with a Fortune 500 company. She earned her private pilot license in 1978 and her instrument rating in 1980. . In 1996, she completed her commercial license and bought a Mooney in 2000. After her mother suffered and died from ALS, she flew around the world in 2003 to raise awareness and donations for ALS. Not content to just fly, CarolAnn built her first plane between 2004 and 2006 and took up flying gliders in 2016. She has over 8000 hours and flies more than 250 hours a year including EAA Young Eagles and Angel Flights. In 2015, she flew her homebuilt RANS S-7S to Alaska and back to Florida. CarolAnn's presentations are fast-paced and packed with pictures, videos and exciting stories of the flights. She has received numerous positive testimonials. One of the most common remarks is: “I wish that I'd brought my wife and kids to this presentation. They would have loved it.”