Corrosion Prevention: The Right Way to Go

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52+ years of engineering, sales, marketing and product support experience with Goodyear Wheel and Brake, Parker Cleveland Wheels & Brakes, Airborne Air & Fuel, Lear Chemical/ACF-50 and Grove Aircraft. Mechanical engineering degree (BME), Positions held include: Aftermarket and Distribution Sales Manager (Worldwide Distribution Network), Increased Distribution Sales an average of 15% per year, Marketing Manager - all facets of marketing and sales, trade shows and advertising, Program Manager - OEM development program, Applications Engineer (development and implementation of STC programs), Design Engineer - design and development of multiple OEM programs, Started J Bakos Marketing & Sales in October 2010 following retirement from Parker, Working with ACF-50 part time for Technician Maintenance Training and Trade Shows, With Grove Aircraft Landing Gear as Business Development Representative.