Selecting the Best Airpark for Living with Your Plane


Penny and her husband have been involved with aviation since the 1960's when both were high school students. In the 1980's Penny & Ray joined 8 EAA chapters - and still belong to 6 (3 in Florida, 3 in Massachusetts). Penny served as President of EAA Chapter 106 for 12 years, then as Treasurer for 6 more, and continues to be the EAA106 Youth Scholarship Chair (since 2012). In the 1980's Penny & Ray bought a kit and built a RotorWay Exec helicopter and Penny had the honor of being the test pilot for the first flight. In 2018, following Sun-n-Fun, Penny & Ray started a search for an airpark, visiting airparks in FL, GA, SC, & NC and in 2019 TX and TN. In 2021, they extensively checked out 2 more airparks in Florida and bought 2 adjacent 1-acre lots along a runway. Come to the presentation to learn what Penny wished she and Ray had known from the start. Learn about all the criteria you should consider in your research to select the best airpark for you, your family, and your present (and future) aircraft.