How to Install & Use Aithre Oxygen Systems


Jim Ruttler is an RV-10 builder, owner and an instrument rated private pilot out of Port Orchard, WA. Ruttler is also a patent attorney and founder of Aithre, which designs and manufacturers a comprehensive line of hypoxia technology and oxygen systems for certified and experimental aircraft. He installed the AVI64EX 4-place oxygen system in his RV-10, under his repairman certificate. James Runnels is a Mooney and Aerostar owner and an instrument rated private pilot out of Baton Rouge, LA. Runnels is also an ER physician and expert on hypoxia and oxygen. He installed the AVIC 4-place oxygen system in his Mooney, using an A&P with a NORSEE logbook entry. Adam O'Connor is a pilot and co-founder of Midwest Panel Builders and an expert in Garmin systems and wiring for Sling TSi, Sling High Wing, and Vans RV-10 aircraft. O'Connor and his team have installed dozens of Aithre 2-place and 4-place systems in these aircraft, including planning and installation of the wiring, plumbing, and cannula fittings. Together Ruttler, Runnels, and O'Connor will overview the installation of the Aithre oxygen systems in experimental and certified aircraft with pictures, and discuss basic and advanced features of using the technology for hypoxia safety in flight.