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Hilary Peddicord has been with NOAA since 2010 and is the Education Specialist for Science On a Sphere within the NOAA Office of Education for CIRES Education & Outreach and CU Boulder. Hilary was instrumental in the release of the flatscreen and mobile versions of SOS called SOS Explorer, which allow a subset of the vast SOS Dataset Catalog to be enjoyed virtually by anyone. Hilary organizes professional development activities for science teachers and informal educators, creates scientific storytelling content for SOS and SOSx platforms, and leads a group of SOS users from across the globe in sharing their best and brightest practices in audience engagement. Hilary studied Zoology and Dance at the University of Wyoming and was certified to teach secondary science at CU Boulder. Her eclectic background of teaching dance, bartending, cattle-wrangling, and coordinating film festivals contribute to her warm and inclusive style. She will be presenting fan-favorite topics that include Weather & Climate - Hurricanes from Space, as well as Earth System Insights from Satellites