US Freedom Flyers Mission & the Role You Can Play


Josh Yoder, an unapologetic, unvaccinated Major Airline Pilot is the President of US Freedom Flyers, an organization stopping illegal mandates being imposed on airline employees and the traveling public. Along with his pilot status, Josh's background as an Army Veteran and 8-year Defense Industry Contractor working in global high-threat environments has preceded him to successfully take on this mission with vigor. As seen on Tucker Carlson, Fox & Friends, other high-profile media, and live events across the US, Josh has spoken out boldly on behalf of human rights and freedom. He is a passionate advocate for his constituents and has dedicated his life to pursuing justice and bringing accountability to the corrupt airline and transportation system. Other active US Freedom Flyer members will also be speaking about medical Mandates, adverse effects and the steps USFF is taking to help win our freedom back and assist our vaccine injured fellow citizens.