Building and Flying the Thatcher CX7 Side-By-Side


I have approximately 8000 hours in 56 different aircraft, much of it in experimental aircraft. Thatcher Aircraft has three designs, a single-place (CX4) , a tandem two-place (CX5), and the side-by-side two-place CX7. All total we have sold well over 700 sets of plans total. The CX7 is designed to be powered by high-output VW engines like the Revmaster but several builders are building an alternative model (CX7H) which can house much heavier engines. All designs for LSA and can use non-ethanol auto fuel at 3.5-5 gph. They all cruise at well over 100 mph (for real) and can carry two big guys- lots of room. The CX7 is a bit wider than a C172. Construction is all metal 6061T3 and they are all quite good-looking. Check us out on Google or YouTube. I will be here outside of forum times at the Alternative Engine area if you have any questions.