Aircraft Engine Leaning To Save Money

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Bill Ross, VP Product Support, Superior Air Parts. Ross is a graduate of the Alabama Aviation College with an Associate of Science in Flight Technology and has been a certified flight instructor, corporate/charter pilot and licensed airframe and powerplant mechanic for almost 40 years. He also holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of South Alabama. In his spare time, Ross is active in classic aircraft restorations and enjoys introducing the joys of flying to young enthusiasts as well as exposing them to aviation career paths. Prior to joining Superior Air Parts, Ross had 14 years of experience working for a major piston aircraft engine manufacturer where he held positions in various areas such as Quality Engineering, Analytical, Customer Service, Technical Product Support, and MRO and FBO Operations. His multi-faceted background in the industry, as well as rereal-worldlying and maintenance experience, has solidified Ross being recognized as a leader and contributor in General Aviation.