AIA-6C: Symposium in Honor of John McK. Camp II, Luck and Strategy: Fortune in Excavation and Study (Gold Medal Colloquium)

  In-Person   AIA Session   Colloquium


Margaret M. Miles, University of California, Irvine; and Kevin F. Daly, Bucknell University


Kevin F. Daly, Bucknell University

This symposium presents recent archaeological research on Athens and Greece, from the Archaic through Roman periods in antiquity. The papers present examples of how archaeological recovery illuminates historical issues, and how chance plays a role in our perceptions and recovery of the past. We consider both new findings and new interpretations through the various filters through which ancient Greek culture has been viewed (Roman, early modern). The discussion will include architecture, epigraphy, topography, sculpture, and ceramic evidence, through the lens of serendipity in scholarly discovery.