AIA-4H: Ancient Makerspaces (Joint AIA/SCS Workshop)

  In-Person   AIA Session   Workshop

Sponsored by:

The Forum for Classics, Libraries, and Scholarly Communication Art Libraries Society of North America


Nicole Constantine, Stanford University; Chen, Anne, Bard College; and Chris Motz, University of Richmond


Chiara Palladino, Furman University; Anna Cosner, University of Cincinnati; Ana Santory Rodríguez, University of Michigan; Charles Pletcher, Columbia University; Emily Pearce Seigerman, Yale University Art Gallery; Benjamin Hellings, Yale University Art Gallery; Tyler Jo Smith, University of Virginia; Allison Sterrett-Krause, College of Charleston; Anne Chen, Bard College; Karen Matthews, University of Miami; Dorian Borbonus, University of Dayton; Michelle Martinez, Walnut Hills High School; Alex Elvis Badillo, Indiana State University; and Marc N. Levine, Indiana State University


Ancient MakerSpaces ran as an SCS workshop from 2017–2019. Following this initial period and under the guidance of a new steering committee and the sponsorship of the Forum for Classics Libraries and Scholarly Communication, it has branched out to more actively include archaeologists, librarians, and independent scholars, and has run as a join AIA/SCS workshop since 2020.

Almost all research, teaching, and scholarly communication in ancient studies today bears the imprint of digital technology in some way, yet the growing number of projects and the rapid rate of technological development present a distinct challenge for anyone interested in taking advantage of advances in digital scholarship. Ancient MakerSpaces serves as a space for students and scholars to interact with a variety of digital tools, techniques, and projects, providing participants the opportunity to engage in hands-on, peer-based learning. The wide array of subjects and multiformat presentations makes Ancient MakerSpaces a unique addition to the AIA/SCS joint program. We offer attendees a dynamic learning environment that fosters growth and exploration in the digital space and presenters receive the benefit of feedback from their digitally engaged peers. Through this workshop, we hope to make digital scholarship and training increasingly accessible, and most importantly, encourage cross-disciplinary conversations beyond the day of the workshop itself.

Ancient MakerSpaces is an event that will showcase the latest in digital approaches to the ancient world in all aspects of teaching and research. It fosters a dynamic learning environment, wherein presenters and participants engage in hands-on, peer-based learning. The wide array of subjects and multiformat presentations makes Ancient MakerSpaces a unique addition to the AIA/SCS program.

This workshop will be made up of three main components: lightning talks, hands-on demonstrations, and interactive Q&A sessions, running for a total of five hours (with breaks). We hope that the workshop will run from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. The workshop will be split up into three thematic units. In all of the sessions we will encourage the audience to connect with presenters, ask questions, and share their own experiences. In addition to discussing specific projects, Q&A periods at Ancient MakerSpaces frequently tackle larger issues in digital ancient studies. The thematic units will be “Digital Approaches to Language and Literature,” “Legacy Data and Collections Accessibility,” and “Teaching in 3D.”