SCS Presidential Panel:

  Hybrid   SCS Event

01 - Matthew Roller, SCS President and Professor of Classics, Johns Hopkins University. "Introduction"

02 - John Paul Christy, Senior Director of U.S. Programs, American Council of Learned Societies. “Versatility, Revisited”

03 - Julia Kent, Vice President, Best Practices and Strategic Initiatives, Council of Graduate Schools.  “What can Humanities PhDs Do? Some Answers from National Data and Campus Stories.”

04 - Roshni Rao, Executive Director, Doctoral and Postdoctoral Life Design, Johns Hopkins University. “Life Design at the Helm: Guiding PhDs to Career Opportunities and Beyond at Johns Hopkins University.”

05 - Courtney Wiersema, Senior Director, Professional Development and Outreach, UChicagoGRAD and Director, PATHS Program, University of Chicago. “Career Support beyond the Non/Academic Binary: Lessons from the University of Chicago’s PATHS Program.”